Take the path to
net-zero emissions
and show it.

71% of customers consider sustainability when making purchases.  License the CarbonZERO Product label and help your potential customers choose better products by showing real climate action.

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Why customers look for the label

Full climate action.

Measure, reduce and offset the product’s carbon footprint.

High standards.

100% transparency from the carbon footprint to carbon offsetting.

Easy to understand.

One label. One process. The green circle = a product that takes action for the climate.

Some of the leading brands showing climate action with us

The climate friendly label for products in any industry.

Carbon emissions are more than an environmental burden – it’s also a business liability. 71% of customers consider sustainability info when making purchasing decisions.

Take the path to net-zero emissions and let your climate performance  shine with the CarbonZERO Product label. You do your products, we do the science. Make solid, traceable claims for a fraction of revenues and earn potential customers’ trust to make your product the obvious choice.


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If you prioritise sustainability,
customers prioritise you.

which product would you choose?

Measured emissions
Reducing emissions
Climate compensated

“A great label to measure our sustainability work and communicate it in an easy way, both internally and external.”

- Johan Ryding, Huski Wear
How it works

Take climate action, earn the label.

01   Measure

We help you accurately trace and measure 100% of the product’s carbon emissions with a lifecycle analysis, according to the GHG Protocol.

02   Reduce

We help you find the hotspots and map out a long term reduction plan to actively reduce the carbon emissions accounted for in your climate report.

03   Offset

Offset 100% of the carbon emissions that can not be removed in the short term by investing in certified forest projects in Sweden and northern Europe.

04   Label

Earn the right to use the CarbonZERO Product label. Easily communicate your high impact sustainability work to customers and earn their trust.

Full climate action.
High standards.
Real impact.

By working with two essential tools simultaneously; Reducing emissions, and offseting the emissions that can’t be reduced in the short term - we help businesses take the real path to net-zero emissions, and show it.

The label that gives consumers a choice and companies a reason to be chosen.

Our mission is simple; we need to eliminate global carbon emissions. Consumers are changing their behaviour and expect companies they choose to lead on climate. If companies don’t deliver on these expectations they will get left behind -  we help companies deliver. CarbonZERO Product allows consumers and companies to drive the world to net zero emissions together - while growing more sustainable businesses.

About us

World’s first 100% carbon offset national ski team.

Fully carbon offset outdoor wear for every adventure.

Take the real path to net-zero emissions.
License the label.

Earn the trust of customers
Take your climate responsibility
Future proof your business
License the label
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