The label for products that take the climate seriously.

CarbonZERO Product is a climate label earned by products that take full climate action. The label was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2020 and gives companies the tools to take real climate action today and consumers a way to easily spot and choose the companies that do.

Our mission is simple:
we need to eliminate carbon emissions.

71% of consumers consider sustainability when making purchases - consumers expect companies they choose to lead on climate. CarbonZERO Product allows consumers and companies to drive the world to net zero emissions together.

We help companies take real climate action.

01   Measure

A CarbonZERO Product traces and measures 100% of its product’s carbon emissions with a lifecycle analysis, according to the GHG Protocol.

02   Reduce

A CarbonZERO Product finds the emission hotspots and maps out a long term reduction plan to actively reduce the carbon emissions.

03   Offset

A CarbonZERO Product offsets 100% of the carbon emissions that can not be removed in the short term by investing in certified  projects.

04   Label

The CarbonZERO Product label is placed on the products. Consumers easily spot the green circle and feel proud to buy a product that takes real climate action.

The Team.

Philip Polfjärd


Andreas Melander

Creative Director

Fredrik von Essen


Tomas Lundmark

Skogsexpert & Faktagranskare

Take the real path to net-zero emissions.
License the label.

Earn the trust of customers
Take your climate responsibility
Future proof your business
License the label
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