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care about the climate.
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71% of consumers consider sustainability when making purchases. License the CarbonZERO Product label and help your potential customers choose better products and earn business benefit.

The path to net zero
emissions starts with
CarbonZERO Product.

The conversation on climate change has become really complicated - however it doesn’t have to be. Consumers should be able to identify climate friendly products as easily as for example ecological products. The label gives consumers a conscious choice and responsible companies a reason to be chosen.

Stick out with the label.
Easy communication.

It takes about 0.5 seconds for a consumer to form an opinion about your product - which means no time to read a 20 page sustainability report.

With the CarbonZERO Product label you can make a direct impression with solid, traceable claims and earn potential customers’ trust to make your product the obvious choice.

With you all the way.

Taking the path to net zero emissions doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. We set high requriements, but help you achieve them.

01   Measure

In our first step our carbon experts help you accurately trace and measure the product’s carbon footprint. To do this we perform a lifecycle analysis (LCA) for the cradle-to-customer emissions, according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

02   Reduce

Once the product’s full carbon emissions are reported we help you identify emission hotspots and develop a reduction plan. The world is headed to net zero emissions, so we need to start reducing emissions now as well as set future reduction targets in compliance with the science based targets.

03   Offset

The emissions that can’t be reduced in the short term are carbon offset through nordic forest projects that provide 100% traceability of the climate impact. Carbon offseting isn’t the end solution, however it is a fundamental action for emissions that can’t be dealt with immediately.

04   Label

Your company qualifies to use the CarbonZERO Product label. When a customer sees the label they know your product cares about the climate by taking full climate action now. Earn potential customers’ trust and make your product the obvious choice. The label gives consumers a conscious choice and your company a reason to be chosen.

If you prioritise sustainability,
consumers prioritise you.

which product would you choose?

Measured emissions
Reducing emissions
Climate compensated

Take the real path to net-zero emissions.
License the label.

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License the label
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